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Front Range Mountain Bike Patrol
History and Info

The Front Range Mountain Bike Patrol (FRMBP) is gearing up for the 2014 season and is looking for volunteers, but first, a little background information might be helpful.

How it all started...

If you lived in the Denver area during the summer of 1996, you will probably remember the 12,000 acre forest fire and subsequent flooding in the Buffalo Creek area of the Pike National Forest. The fire and floods had a devastating impact on the town of Buffalo Creek as well as the surrounding National Forest. The summer of 2000's High Meadow fire only added to the devastation that this heavily used recreation area has experienced. Recognizing that the Forest Service can use all the help they can get, a group of concerned mountain bikers formed the FRMBP to assist the USFS in the Buffalo Creek area via a mountain bike patrol.

This patrol acts as the eyes and ears of the Forest Service and provides assistance to all area trail users on weekends and holidays from Memorial Day weekend (late May) through Labor Day weekend (early September). We are beginning our eighteenth (18th) season of operation and our members have contributed nearly 10,000 hours of service time to-date. Our presence will be even more appreciated this year due to further Forest Service budget cuts. It's a good cause, great fun and a wonderful excuse to get out and ride.

Our mission is simple:

We assist the U.S. Forest Service by helping the Buffalo Creek trail users in having a safe and enjoyable experience in the National Forest. We provide assistance and aid to all trail users, to the training and competency level of each patroller, in areas such as emergency bicycle repair, emergency medical assistance, general information about the area including knowledge of the local terrain and the trail system, Forest Service rules and regulations, IMBA's Rules of the Trail, etc. We also provide feedback to the Forest Service regarding trail conditions, emergency situations, maintenance issues and rules infractions. The one thing we are not is a law enforcement agency! We leave that up to the Forest Service and the Jefferson County Sheriff.

What are the requirements?

First and foremost, you must be interested in having a good time and helping others. All volunteers must be at least 16 years of age, be an enthused but not necessarily an expert mountain biker and patrol at least three weekend days beginning Memorial Day Weekend (late May) through Labor Day Weekend (early September). First Aid and CPR certification are not required but are always helpful. Patroller training is usually scheduled in May and is required for all new volunteers. Also, you are required to patrol in pairs, so if you have a friend that may be interested, ask them to sign up too. Otherwise, we will pair you up with another patroller.

What's new...

On April 23, 2011, FRMBP assisted CoMBA in the Grand Opening of the Raspberry Ridge and Blackjack Trails. A 4 mile long, double black diamond trail on the North side of the Buffalo Creek Recreation Area. Details can be found at Buffalo Creek Black Diamond Trail

On September 12, 2014, FRMBP assisted CoMBA in the completion of the Little Scaggy (East) Trail. A 5.5 mile long trail on the South side of the Buffalo Creek Recreation Area between the 550/126 Parking Lot and Kelsey Campground. Details can be found at Little Scraggy East Trail

What's in it for you?

Besides giving something back to the sport and showing a major land management agency that we as mountain bikers, can be a responsible and committed group, there are several. We receive local sponsorship from a full service bike shop on the south end of town. They provide us with free consumable items such as tubes, patch kits, etc. and offer a 10% discount on products and service to all members. If you are or become a member of IMBA, and you qualify, you can join the National Mountain Bike Patrol and take advantage of the discounted items that they offer. And a major cycling clothing manufacturer allows us to purchase any of their products at cost.

Also, when you are not patrolling, we schedule social rides for the weekends. They usually begin in July, run through October and include day trips to various locations in Summit, Eagle, Grand and Park counties as well as a weekend excursion to Salida to ride the Monarch Crest Trail system.

If you are interested in becoming a patrol member or need more information, please click on the 'Contact Us' menu item above or here to Contact Us by email. Come on out this summer, help us with a good cause and have fun at the same time. And since we patrol in pairs, bring a friend. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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